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Deconstruction of a Financial Crime: Wirecard

This webinar explores the recent revelations of accounting fraud at Wirecard and the subsequent arrest of its CEO, and answered a number of big questions, including how it managed to go undetected and what can be done to make sure this never happens again.


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Wirecard is not only one of the most talked about but also one of the most important financial crime stories in recent history. This webinar has set out the story, the lessons and the analysis of the Wirecard saga.
The big questions are:

  1. How did this manage to go undetected?
  2. How were multiple regulatory licenses granted for Wirecard on the back of fabricated capital?
  3. What now will regulators be doing to make sure this never happens again?
  4. Have we seen the end of the Wirecard saga?
  5. What will be the knock on and legacy impact on other FinTech’s and the wider industry?


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Nicole Rose
 Founder and Director of Create Training
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Frans Wiwanto
Chief Compliance officer at Flywire
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Oonagh van den Berg
CEO & Founder of RAW Compliance and Virtual Risk Solutions