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Trade Finance: AML- Why Can't We Get This Right?

Are we mitigating Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risk in Trade Finance? Why is it so complicated?

Trade Finance poses many AML challenges due to the large paper based aspects of the transactions and the lack of “look through” based on the Financial Institutions role from the provision of a Letter of Credit (LC) to a Correspondent Banking relationship.


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​In this webinar we explore:

  • The challenges posed by product activity and role
  • Where we are getting it wrong and why?
  • What tools can help?
  • The roles of Financial Institutions and Government Bodies in fixing the problem


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Omer Eilat

Commercial Director at Windward
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Nizam Ismail

CEO of Ethikom Consultancy
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Oonagh van den Berg

CEO & Founder of RAW Compliance and Virtual Risk Solutions
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Aamar Ahmad


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Robin Lee
 VP, APAC of Napier AI