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Sanctions- Is Compliance Still Manageable?

We have seen over the past few years thousands of sanction changes – the US alone issuing just over 3,500 in a four year period. Adapting the systems and knowledge of compliance teams to these changes has been an ongoing challenge.

The question now is whether compliance is still manageable or are the ongoing political and economic sanction regimes causing increasing confusion and disrupting global operations?


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This webinar covers:

  • How quickly we can adapt to changing geopolitical environments;
  • What is the impact of more complex legal requirements;
  • Where are the additional compliance challenges;
  • How technology can help in addressing such challenges; and
  • The increasing cost of compliance due to the complexity of the more targeted sanctions programmes
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Oonagh van den Berg

CEO & Founder of RAW Compliance and Virtual Risk Solutions
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Nasser Sweileh

Product Head of Financial Crime Compliance Solutions at Pelican
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Pekka Dare

Director, Stakeholder Engagement & Delivery Excellence of International Compliance Association
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Kelvin Toh

Head of Sanctions and Transaction Monitoring at HSBC Singapore