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Crypto Custody Services

This training will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of crypto custody services, covering key topics such as security protocols, compliance measures, operational procedures, technology infrastructure, and real-life case studies. Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge to excel in the field of crypto custody, ensuring the secure storage and management of digital assets for clients. Additionally, they will receive valuable resources for further learning and professional development, empowering them to stay informed and adaptive in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency custody.

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6 Hours



What you are going to learn

Course Structure

Part 1: Introduction to Crypto Custody Services
This module introduces participants to the fundamentals of crypto custody services, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding digital assets. It covers the definition and purpose of crypto custody, the role of custodians, and an overview of different types of crypto assets.

Part 2: Security Protocols and Best Practices
Participants will delve into the security measures and best practices implemented by custodians to protect digital assets. Topics include multi-signature authentication, compliance with regulatory requirements, and incident response protocols.

Part 3: Operational Procedures and Client Management
This module focuses on the operational aspects of crypto custody services, including client onboarding, asset transfers, and account management. Participants will learn about due diligence processes, withdrawal procedures, and the importance of transparent client communication.

Part 4: Technology and Infrastructure
Participants will explore the technology and infrastructure behind custody services, including custody platform technologies, scalability strategies, and continuous improvement initiatives. The module emphasizes the need for robust and innovative infrastructure to support growing demand.

Part 5: Security and Customer Experience
We will explore handling client requests, asset transfers, and security incidents and receiving feedback and guidance on operational performance.

Part 6: Conclusion and Next Steps
Recap key learnings, receive resources for further learning, and reflect on their journey in mastering crypto custody services.